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Our led grow lights Technology for grow indoor plants
Publish:Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co., LTD  Time:2016-07-15
 Our led grow lights Technology for grow indoor plants
Our Technology
We were among the first companies in the world to offer direct to consumer LED grow lights. We design our lighting, conduct realtime research in live grow environments that are under our control, and most importantly we fully understand what it takes to grow premium quality flowering plants under LED.
Over six years of dedicated testing time has gone into the development of the Pro Grow LED line alone. We’re proud of the technology we produce and we strive as a company to bring this advancement to indoor growing to the public at a realistic pricepoint.
We have reached a development point as a company where we can safely declare that our technology has eclipsed traditional methods of growing indoors in nearly every way imaginable.
Our current Pro Grow LED lineup will not only shorten your overall cycle time, it will provide a superior quality finished crop and save you money.
Each model we produce is unique to our company. We ensure each and every unit sold is manufactured to exacting tolerances.
Please be assured that our products are the absolute state of the art when it comes to this technology and are continuously being improved upon in regards to performance and efficiency.
As a grower you receive all of the benefits of HID lighting and none of the hassle!
Achieve all of the benefits of growing quality fruiting plants with HID and forget about the hassles of excess heat production, added cost of air conditioning, costly wiring upgrades, bulb replacements, bulb explosions and fire, reflectors and unreliable ballasts. Our technology is the future of indoor gardening and we welcome you to join us.
Dense flowers, enhanced fruiting and premium quality finished product are only a few of the benefits of growing with a Pro Grow LED.
Others include
Focused Light Technology (Lens angle adjustments ensure the deepest canopy penetration possible)
Select 2016 units feature outside temperature awareness. If your growing area becomes excessivly hot the unit will shut itself off to prevent power supply damage. Your Pro Grow LED will automatically restart when proper operational temperature is achieved. 
High power, quality chipsets used in every Pro Grow LED model.
Each Pro Grow LED model can be mounted in any postion. Mounted vertically or at any angle imaginable, our products will perform beautifully in your environment.
Dialed in light spectrums essential for rapid growth and massive flower production. We cover all the essential chlorophyll peaks your plants need to thrive indoors.
Spectra Control System included with select Pro Grow LED models (Switch from vegetative to bloom/fruiting to full illumination modes of operation with the flick of a switch)
Patented, heavy duty heat sink design for smooth operation and zero heat spikes.
Plug and play engineering for easy, in home part replacements, no grow room down time necessary whatsoever.
EU, UK and North American power configuration compatible on the fly (Each Pro Grow LED unit operates world-wide without the need of a converter)
Staged delay on power up and exclusive circuitry design (Our lights only start when their optimal internal temperature is reached)
Select 2016 models allow for multiple units to be connected via one power cable. Series connection cable(s) are included free with all multiple unit orders.
Detachable power cord, available in standard 6 ft and custom lengths. Run on any power configuration anywhere in the world, simply change the input cord.
Virtually zero heat emitted.
Zero RF emissions emitted.
Environmentally friendly & mother nature approved! Zero HID toxins to affect your plants.
Safe and extremely easy to operate for indoor gardeners of any skill level.
Wide range, true full spectrum output covers all stages of your plants development. The difference is in our technology.
We accurately represent the real-world use of our products through documented internal and external testing.
Thanks very much for the interest in our technology. Our priority as a company is the advancement of this industry and service to our customers. If you have any questions or comments regarding our products please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Traditional full spectrum technology
Traditional LED Grow Lighting manufacturers attempt to recreate a full spectrum output by using 11, 15 or more individual colors or bands.
The final range of output generally falls between 380 and 780nm.
To achieve various output colors manufacturers employ “color mixing” which blends two or more colors to create a third.
While results are indeed achieved through color mixing, the process is inherently inefficient, as proper levels of light crucial for optimal plant development are simply not attained.
We found this issue to be one of the largest drawbacks to current LED technology so we set out to fix the problem.
Pro Grow LED full Spectrum technology
Our latest advancement allows for a greater spectrum range than currently offered by traditional, single color LED manufacturers. This expanded range falls between 350 and 850nm.
And we only use one chip to primarily accomplish this task.
Hydroponics Hut LLC has been able to incorporate true full spectrum output into a single, extremely powerful chip. Pro Grow LED units can now accomplish with a single chip what takes other manufacturers 11 or 15 individual colors or more to reproduce. 
This increased spectral range allows for performance that actually exceeds the growth rate of the sun itself in an indoor environment.
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