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How to find the best led grow light?

Time:2018-06-13 Views:6429
 Before you invest your hard earned money in LED grow lights do your homework and make
sure you get a great light from a reputable 
company. Otherwise, you might get stuck in the
middle of your grow with a ruined crop and light pocketed. There are a few 
critical things to
look out for when shopping for LED grow lights.
LED lights can be made using different sized
diode chips from less than 1 watt per diode up to 20 watts or more per diode chip. 
The ideal
chip size for a LED light will depend on the use for the light. As the chip size gets larger, the
light is more intense 
but the diodes give off more heat and require a larger cooling mechanism.

1.Heat :These larger diodes have shortcomings when it comes to indoor growing. The larger
chips give off more heat and require 
more heat dissipation. They need larger heat sinks and
make for a heavier product. The 5 watt and 10 watt diodes also require the 
grow light to be
larger because they can not be manufactured in a dense network like the 3 watt diode chips.
Recommendation:BS001/2/3   ZS001-8
2.spectrum Different stages of plant growth require different spectra. The initial vegetative
stage requires a blue spectrum of light, 
whereas the later "flowering" stage is usually promoted
with red–orange spectra.
The ability of a plant to absorb light varies with species and environment,
however, the general measurement for the light quality 
as it affects plants is the PAR value, or
Photosynthetically Active Radiation. This measures the useful light energy received by 
the plant,
and the spectra measurements favor the blue and red portions of the light while ignoring in part
the green and yellow 
portions, which plants generally do not benefit from.
So for led grow light whole growth cycle,
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