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LED Grow Light Strip

Time:2017-08-01 Views:6162
We use full silicone tube as the outside cover, which greatly improves the heat sinking function.
The strip light has long lifespan, stable quality, anti-UV, wear-resisting, energy-saving and
environmental-friendly, etc. It can be used in hard environment and the background temperature
can reach -25℃~45℃. Problems for glue turning yellow and hard, smelling bad and not 
 being used in low temperature have been totally solved. With light weight and ultra-thin design,
it can be installed on erose objects, which increases the flexibility of transportation and installation.

LED grow lights strip is best for seedings, herifi led grow light strip takes red:blue 5:1, red 660nm
630nm blue 460nm, new led grow light strip, welcomed!
led grow lights
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